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The Only Hotel Inside the Barcelona Airport

Having a hotel inside the very Barcelona airport facilities features some clear advantages. Imagine arriving late at night at the Josep Tarradellas airport and not having to worry (we are tired!) about finding a cap that will take us to the room eventually booked in the city. Just by following these simple instructions and walking through the corridors of the terminal, we will reach –in a matter of minutes– that relaxing shower that we yearn for and the long-awaited bed for a restful sleep, waiting for the meetings the next morning.

In the other sense, when the flight that will take us away from this same city takes off first thing in the morning, staying at the hotel inside the airport will allow us to wake up fresh and arrive on time for boarding. Without the stress of traffic. With as few queues as possible.

You will find hotels near the airport that claim to offer similar benefits. But similar is not the same. Arriving at an airport at night and waiting for the shuttle to take us to a hotel on the outskirts is not the same as walking a few steps to find some rest. And it is not the same to get up in a hurry, aware of the time we need to get to the airport, than to check out at the hotel and, just by walking down a couple of corridors, arrive calmly at our boarding gate.

In Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona-El Prat Airport features a hotel like this. This is a hotel within its facilities. Neither close nor in the vicinity, but within. Specifically in Terminal 1. The Sleep & Fly T1 Hotel is the best option for the passenger who does not want unnecessary stress and focuses on what is essential –live and travel.